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Ensure that you read over each package carefully before confirming your payment. Outside of delivery/payment specific issues, refunds are not permitted as all packages are available to use almost immediately after purchase and contribute to the overall economy of the in game server. We appreciate the additional financial support to our free-to-play servers as store subscriptions/purchases ensure the sustainability of our premium dedicated servers!

Purchase Support Information

All credits purchased are available for use on any of the posted servers while packages themselves are specific to the selected server. If a purchase was made by mistake, IMMEDIATELY seek support via our Discord Server or Forums. Purchase of credits are transferrable to Friends/Users via their Steam64 ID and Custom Classes can be shared with Friends similarly for only an additional $35 to their class on checkout! Keep in mind when editing a custom class, a friend/user may not be added later to avoid selling a provable favored custom class.

Staffing/Influencer Perks

While staffing our listed servers, being an official EastCoastGaming moderator/admin will reward you with a monthly credit package to be added to your Steam Account to be used on specific servers being staff/advertised on! If you are a staff member for Rust/CSGO/Other Game-Servers hosted by EastCoastGaming - check our Knowledgebase on the forums to see what perks you can receive there!