Can you survive the world of Rust? What about ECG's version of it? Compete against other players for resources, use teamwork to successfully raid bases, and advance your own technology all in the world of Rust. See each server's details for their reset schedule.

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ALPHA BLUE X2 Solo/Duo/Trio

Monthly Reset (BETA)

NEXT RESET: August 20th

ECG Alpha Blue is our Vanilla-Esque server. Gather resources and hide them well or get set back hours, even days in this high risk high reward environment! This is our most competitive version of Rust so make sure to check out our Rust knowledgebase to see all of our rules, guides, and additional benefits available via our in-game store!

x2 Gather Rate, Auto Sorting, Blueprint Share

BETA RED X10 Solo/Duo/Trio

Bi-Weekly Reset

NEXT RESET: Coming soon

ECG Beta Red is our Weekend Rage server. Progress through technology quicker, get into blowing up your neighbors even quicker! This is a great server to prepare for East Coast Gaming events on Alpha Blue, Capture frequent high intensity moments, or even test out our shop services at 1/2 the cost of our Alpha Blue server.

x20 Gather Rate, BP, Loot+, Kits, Additional Mods

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