Jump into the world of Garry's Mod via our DarkRP/Arcade variant servers. All free to play and friendly to both new players and veterans alike! Additionally, you can increase your experience by unlocking additional classes, entities, and in game ehancements via our game server store.

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ECG BigCity is EastCoastGaming's take on an all time favorite game type, DarkRP. With a huge focus on creating both an enjoyable cycle of gameplay and an ecosystem that rewards/punishes players based off of level of risk/difficulty. Earn money, build bases, find a role that suits you best!

ECG Arcade:Prop Hunt

Prop Hunt is a casual gamemode created by Kowalski7cc. The game features two teams: the RED team, who must hide using props, and the BLUE team, who must hunt down the props. Try out East Coast Gaming's take on this all time favorite. Please share all great moments on the forums!

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