Why invest your time only to lose everything to lag, a DDOS attack, or even worse, immature staff. We invest our time and money so you don't have to without fear of losing your progress! These are just a few reasons why we out perform our competitors

Processing Power

Using top of the line Intel Xeon Processors on dedicated machines for each server to increase both overall player capacity and tickrates


Lead by fellow players with over 10+ years in Game Server experience, you can feel secure in all your experiences from gameplay to support

Community Driven

With a primary focus on player experience, all updates/additions will be based on YOUR feedback found on our forums and discord server


If East Coast Gaming ever decides to shut down a server/service - 90 days notice will be given prior to an official closing of the actual service



With new game modes and even new games being added every day, mix up your gaming experience knowing your contributions all go to the same great community you helped build!

East Coast Yeens

and answers

1Where are Servers Located?
East Coast Gaming looks to provide the best experience in terms of performance for those looking for US-EAST servers. That being said the US-EAST is a large area so while the majority of our servers are hosted in Chicago, a few reside in New York. See specific information for each server for more information.
2Are my payments protected?
Yes! We use external payment processing services to avoid any leakage of sensitive information. Additionally all purchases made on individual servers are guaranteed to be usable per our announcement policy and you will not be able to make purchases on any servers that are planned to close.
3What is ECG's refund policy?
Currently all sales are final. We ensure all of our servers are paid for a minimum of 90 days past if a closing announcement is made and will not accept any additional payments during this time to pay for ongoing services.
4Does ECG hire player staff?
Yes! All of our game servers require player staff to maintain! We can't hire people who don't understand the game! Make sure to check out all the benefits and requirements on each server's individual forum! Additionally we will be looking for developers, designers, and marketing people to join our team and help promote ECG!
5Will there ever be a WestCoastGaming.US?
Of course we aren't going to let someone take our idea and try to out do us on the other side of the country! All names, domains , etc have been already registered in preparation. If you are the West Coast and want to see some love early, let us know on the East Coast forums under our suggestions!

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